HUDSON VALLEY CRANE® is family owned and has been serving the Hudson Valley and
Tri-State Area since 1978. HUDSON VALLEY CRANE has performed numerous lifting
and rigging work for many of the major contractors.

HUDSON VALLEY CRANE® has extensive experience in heavy equipment moving. We
offer highly trained licensed personnel to provide the best service possible. If you need a
piece of equipment dismantled and/or moved, we can help develop an efficient plan to
solve your machinery-moving needs.

HUDSON VALLEY CRANE® offers the entire service, including moving, installation, and
alignment. . We work closely with other crane service providers for those specialized
heavy rigging projects. Single or multiple crane lifts of 15-180 tons can be planned and
coordinated with our customers.

HUDSON VALLEY CRANE® and the crane service provider ensure that every move is
performed as safely  and as cost effective as possible

HUDSON VALLEY CRANE®  is part of the Local 137 Operating Engineers